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What is Ashiatsu Massage?


Ashiatsu massage is different. Not only does Ashiatsu massage look different, but it feels different.


Remember when you asked your little nephew to walk on your back? Imagine that, only done by a professional who hits every major muscle group, using flowing strokes and deep pressure. Ahhhh. 


Ashiatsu borrows from Swedish with its flow and also feels like a “complete” massage because it generally hits all major muscle groups. However, Ashiatsu uses deep pressure and is better than Swedish for resistant stress patterns and those who need deep pressure to find release. Ashiatsu addresses the whole body’s system of holding tension. The broad surface of the feet means it never feels pokey and you don’t hurt afterward.


As a massage therapist, Ashiatsu massage is the best tool I’ve ever had for helping my clients. I have helped those with frozen shoulder, sciatica, low-back pain and the one that we all get, tension between the shoulder blades. I’ve also worked on many athletes, from lean cyclists to well-muscled "lifters" as well as all other body types. They all say the same thing . . . Ashiatsu is different.


Benefits From Ashiatsu Massage

  • Decreased pain (including chronic pain patterns)

  • Decreased swelling and inflammation

  • More space between intervertebral disks (you can become taller!)

  • Increased range of motion and flexibility (muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues get oxygen-rich blood)

  • Improved posture

  • Immune system boost (increases lymphatic drainage)

  • Decreased anxiety (decreases cortisol)

  • Increased mental and emotional well-being (increases serotonin)

  • Increases alertness, while reducing stress (Increases dopamine)

  • Creates deep relaxation (decreases epinephrine)

  • Can support feelings of attachment (increases oxytocin)


Experience the difference of Ashiatsu at the Chillax Massage studio at 6700 Menchaca Road. Appointments can be Booked online or by phone at 512-763-2445.


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