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Wise in the way of Chillax


I meet a lot of people with my work, and sometimes they're too great not to share the connections with others. Some are also concerned with natural healing and wellness, some are Austinites deeply entrenched in our community and its development, but above all they're good peeps.


These are the friends of Chillax: Partners in the ways of healthy, happy, productive living. Sometimes it's hard to find good connections, and a personal recommendation can go a long way. If you love to Chillax, you'll love our friends, too. Let us recommend to you:


Bo Boatwright: Bo uses stretching and breathwork and his training as a chiropractor to bring simply amazing transformations in his clients. He can be reached at 512-663-8464.'

Mayamade : Mayamade is a woman owned company in the heart of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Mayamade is committed to providing you with the finest soap and apothecary items available. Everything is made in small batches, by hand. 

Mention Chillax Massage and get a free tea sampler with any order over $15

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