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Microcurrent Therapy

Where did microcurrent come from?

The Russians wanted a way for their athletes to heal faster (so that they could go out and win more metals, naturally). They started playing with the technology of microcurrent and discovered that certain currents were really helpful. Some were good at breaking up scar tissue, others at lessening inflammation and still others were great for pain. The first microcurrent machines in the U.S. had directions all in Russian, but eventually it got translated and people started using them here.

Unlike pills you might take to deal with painful injuries, microcurrent helps your body heal instead of just block the pain. The machine we use at Chillax Massage works differently than an old school TENS unit, because instead of sending current to just A and B fibers, which relieve pain for only a short time, our machine sends current to the C fibers and “fast” pain-blocking A fibers. C fibers are imbedded in your tissues and make up 85% of your nerve fibers. The results from this kind of microcurrent therapy last longer and can be permanent.

Our fourth generation TENS machine at Chillax Massage uses interactive neuromodulation, which means it adjusts the waveform using biofeedback as the electrical properties of the tissue being treated changes. It’s fancy, okay? Only the best for our clients!

One thing microcurrent technology has been used for in the past was Bell’s Palsy, a symptom of Cerebral Palsy that can make one side of the face droop. Nurses found that they could use microcurrent to stimulate the facial muscles and aid in recovery.

It didn’t take long before the estheticians got wind of this and realized it could be beneficial to “re-educate the muscles” of us regular folk, to help facial muscles feel fresh and look younger. Although microcurrent facials don’t have as long-lasting effects as other less natural treatments, this type of facial is good for your skin and its effects are cumulative.

Chillax Massage offers both microcurrent facials and microcurrent treatments for scars, pain and inflammation. An initial microcurrent facial treatment lasts a little over an hour. Treatments for scaring and pain can be made for ½ hour to one hour.

Chillax Massage now offers a microcurrent add-on with a massage for $20. Oftentimes a person has pain in one of their joints, but also wants a massage. The microcurrent can be working on one area while other areas are getting massaged. Microcurrent is not used by Chillax Massage for large muscle groups (that’s what massage is for!) but rather for joints or small muscle attachments. I have used it successfully for rotator cuff pain, knee pain, “tennis” elbow, “golf” elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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