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I Don't Want To Scare You ...

Something that comes up sometimes when I’m talking to other bodyworkers (massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, etc.), but rarely otherwise, is the fact that I work with energy.

Now, as an ashiatsu massage therapist I work with the musculature of the body of course, but the result is that energy is manipulated to create more flow. It’s this manipulation of energy that makes some people reluctant to get a massage, or to get a massage from just anyone. They intuitively know that getting a massage can change things; they know that they will be vulnerable to some degree.

This is why I love bodywork so much, ashiatsu massage in particular. My profession gives me the opportunity to connect with someone in a much more direct way than merely talking to them. I can help someone not only release the tension between their shoulder blades, but to open them up to the challenges that they face in their lives, by creating more space. I am not only moving stale blood to the places that will remove toxins and allowing fresh blood to come in, but I’m helping them to feel invigorated and renewed.

This is why I say that it is an honor to do what I do. People don’t have to come to me and I never push them to let go of anything they don’t want to, but what a profound difference it can be when they do. So whether a client merely finds more energy and relaxation from a massage I’ve given them, or whether I’ve helped them let go of some serious baggage that redefines their whole outlook on life, my work is always a pleasure.

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