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I Know Your Secrets

In a past article I wrote called "I Don’t Want To Scare You . . ." I talked about how as an ashiatsu massage therapist I work with energy. I love working as a massage therapist because I feel that massage is a very direct way to deal with a problem. Many people who do not want to tell someone their personal problems will gladly get a massage because, well, it feels great.

But getting a massage can be very much like therapy. Since all of your emotions and even thoughts are stored in the cells of your body, massage is a very effective way of working through feelings and overcoming mental blocks.

The truth is that as a massage therapist I know all of your secrets. You don’t have to tell me that your sister’s controlling nature has been really difficult to deal with during the planning of your father’s funeral, or that you miss him dearly. I can feel it in the tightness in the thoracic area of your spine, which connects to your breathing and to grief.

You don’t have to tell me that you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and feel overwhelmed. Your trapezius muscles pulling your shoulders up to your ears have revealed this already. So you see, there’s no hiding from me, but why would you want to?

The feelings and thoughts of my clients are sometimes subtle and other times come over me like a wave. And no, I don’t really know that you’re arguing with your wife lately or that you were sexually abused as a child. I’m not a psychic in that way.

I do know when I feel chaotic energy rising up that it is my job to work with that area of the body until it calms down. I do know when I feel shame and guilt that my massage strokes become nurturing and accepting, so that my client can feel safe and protected.

As a massage therapist I am a conduit of energy. I completely accept that and I am experienced at controlling my own energy, so that I am not adding or subtracting from my own during a session. Instead, I am channeling energy that is available in such a way as transformation can take place.

If you go to receive some form of bodywork I salute you. A good bodyworker can help you to let go of pain, both emotional and physical, and overcome obstacles that may be restricting your growth. I use ashiatsu massage to help my clients feel better and release that which is holding them back. And don’t worry, your secrets are safe with me.

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